News on investments – June 2022

Published on July 12, 2022

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Hello summer! 6 months have passed by already! Last quarter, we announced our investment in Parloa, the enabler of next-gen customer success experiences. We sold our stake in Asysco to Avenade. Asysco was part of the Newion family for 21 years. Quite the atypical venture case but as the cliche goes, exceptional things happen to the exceptions. On the team side, we can announce that Denisa joined us as an analyst in May and that Jan has decided to stay with us for a little longer, fun! 😀

You can read the Full Newion News 2Q22 document through the following link or you can scroll down to read a summary of the most important topics.

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💼 Our new Investments in 1Q22

Parloa: enabling next-gen customer success experiences

Parloa founding team

In May, Parloa became our last addition to the Newion 3 portfolio. Malte, Stephan, and the team are creating next-gen experiences for customer success. Advanced Natural Language systems are offloading staff with repetitive tasks to enable the best and most efficient customer experience. The 4M EUR round, led by us, in collaboration with Senovo will allow them to build out their international go-to-market strategy. Read more

Tea explains our investment thesis for Parloa

“We are experiencing higher call volumes than normal. There are 20 callers ahead of you in the queue”. We have all been there. When calling customer service departments to solve an inquiry, one must first navigate a labyrinth of menu options, and thereafter wait for what feels like forever to be put in touch with the right customer service (CS) agent. This is exactly what Parloa wants to solve by enabling the business users to autonomously build and train CS AI-bots to ensure an accurate and personalized experience for every customer. Read more

🎤 Interview with Jouko, CEO at Prepr

Less is more. You don’t need many features to be successful, you need focus and a good value proposition for your ideal customer. So, don’t be afraid to kill your darlings.

Jouko – CEO Prepr

To read more about his story, click here.

🤓 The power of metrics

Best practices for B2B software startups

Younium, an Amsterdam-based start-up focussing on enabling metric-driven business management for software companies, shares with us some insights into the usefulness of using multiple metrics. Click here to read the article.

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