We help early-stage business software companies emerge as market leaders

Meet our team

Come to us if:

  • You’re a business software company headquartered in North/West Europe (BeNeLux, DACH, Nordics)
  • You have a unique vision and product, recognized by the market
  • Initial customer interest validates your global potential and early revenue proves that you have found a viable market
  • You want to migrate from problem-solution to product-market fit. To do this, you need to invest in your organization, which may mean:
    – hiring additional software developers, business developers, marketers and salespeople
    – setting up finance, HR, product management and other processes
  • You realize it will take another 4 to 8 quarters to prove or scale your proposition and you need additional capital to prove your proposition before scaling up
  • Or you’re a larger, more mature business, with annual recurring revenues of €1 to 5 million, looking to accelerate
  • Your current shareholders (friends, family and business angels) can’t fully provide the required capital and/or are less experienced in the next stage of business growth

Why partner with Newion?

We’re small enough to provide personal coaching and advice

  • We are flexible and responsive
  • We are focused and engaged

We’re big enough to support you all the way to market leadership

  • Our usual initial investment is €1-3 million
  • Typically, we reserve a further €5 million per company for follow-on investments

We’re mature enough to have acquired experience you can lever on

  • Over 20 years, we have successfully backed dozens of businesses like yours
  • We have compiled a comprehensive database of best practices
  • Our extensive expert network adds genuine value to your business
  • We understand the stress and issues you face and the choices you have to make – we’ve been there!

We’re young enough to be excited by what you’re doing

  • We’re fascinated and inspired by innovation
  • We’re at home in the fast-moving world of business software
  • We enjoy building strong relationships with relevant partners in your ecosystem


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