Why we invested in delphai

Published on June 20, 2023

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2 weeks ago we announced our latest initial investment into delphai. delphai became the 6th portfolio company of Newion 4, which we closed last September. Below you find an outline of our investment thesis, written by Denisa Koci, analyst here at Newion.

There are a little over 12 million individuals in the world whose primary responsibility revolves around researching, locating, and analyzing company data on a nearly daily basis. While numerous tools are available to assist in information retrieval, the significant amounts of data being produced every day render the manual sifting, curation, and customization of data quite cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone.

The majority of company data available is unstructured. Text documents, emails, social media posts, and audio recordings are a few examples of unstructured data. Extracting information from these sources and converting it into a machine-readable format while ensuring data quality are roadblocks companies face when it comes to making sense of unstructured data.

Delphai is a solution that empowers organizations to automate company data collection, harmonization, integration, and transformation of unstructured data into structured data. Having an integration-first approach, the company envisions becoming the firmographic hub for an organization and any role within it. Firmographic data includes information about businesses or organizations, such as industry, size, location, or revenue. Good quality and complete data is crucial and needed firm-wide. With this vision, Delphai will provide users the ultimate flexibility in how they would like to use or apply Delphai’s AI engine and data. For instance, by integrating Delphai with a company’s CRM system, Delphai can automatically enrich existing workflows. 

By becoming the back-end system, and pushing data into other existing systems, Delphai minimizes the time spent on endless research by aggregating information from different sources. As a result, errors are reduced while enriching all the relevant systems within an organization. Given the traction, vision, team, and potential scale of the impact, we believe Delphai is well-positioned to become a leading back-end system for data retrieval and enrichment.

Denisa Koci

Email: denisa@newion.com


Location: Berlin, Germany

CEO: Robin Tech

Website: delphai.com

Press Release: Seed Investment

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