Why we invested in Alleo

Published on May 8, 2024

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There are a variety of employee benefit-related schemes available in the market, however, their uptake remains low in numbers due to the regulations and manual management involved. Employers can only offer their employees a limited range of non-customized options due to budgetary constraints and relationships. The compensation management market primarily focuses on the employer-employee relationship, however, little attention is paid to the consumer persona of the employee, who is the one making the personal decisions. 

Alleo (f.k.a. YourCampus) has successfully solved this engagement and manageability problem with their product. The Amsterdam-based team has created an all-in-one compensation platform that enables employees to flexibly define their optimal benefit plan and composition. Alleo enables companies to facilitate the consumer needs of their employees, while offering a completely customizable product, allowing companies to build their offering in a modular way. 

Alleo has established itself with a distinct compensation management product, effectively easing the burdens of manual compensation management for HR managers. Alleo has and continues to, address the needs of the modern-day workforce by enabling employers to cater to individual preferences. Through continued product development and increased hiring, Alleo maintains a robust ingenuity flow, ensuring its competitive edge in the market. Given the current traction, planned product development, and recent successful launch in Germany, we are confident that Alleo will continue to grow successfully in the future.

Therefore, we are thrilled to continue supporting and cannot wait for what the future brings!

Sewa Ojutiku

Email: sewa@newion.com


Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

CEO: Florian Gendrault

Founded: 9th February 2021

Website: alleo.nl

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