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Published on January 17, 2024

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Last week, we unveiled our investment in Airfocus, a Hamburg-based company specializing in a modular product management platform. After Parloa, Delphai, and Filestage, Airfocus marks our fourth investment in Germany and is the latest investment of our Newion IV fund. Leopold, investor at Newion and part of the dealteam, outlines the reasons why we invested in this outstanding team.

In the current digital landscape, the complexity of product management has grown significantly, playing a pivotal role in enterprise success. As organizations strive to meet the rising demands of customers for digital experiences, they require tailored solutions that not only optimize workflows but also cater to their diverse needs.

Airfocus goes beyond day-to-day operational features. Their modular approach facilitates seamless integration across various departments, effectively linking workflows to overarching business strategies. This progression enhances the product manager’s role and ultimately centralizes strategy and product development.

With an intuitive interface and flexible architecture, Airfocus enables enterprises with complex organizational structures to reflect their unique workflows in the platform. Customer feedback underlines the significance of Airfocus as a “must-have” solution that has become an integral part of their workflow. Users commend Airfocus for simplifying their product management processes and aiding in strategic decision-making.

As enterprises adapt to the digital age, purpose-built solutions like Airfocus will be indispensable. We invested in Airfocus because we believe their modular product management platform empowers organizations to streamline workflows in a complex product landscape.

Finally, we were deeply impressed by Airfocus’ data-driven yet collaborative organizational culture, where teams operate in an agile, cross-functional manner to continually improve their product. Their ability to maintain a balance between being metrics-driven and valuing organic teamwork provides a robust foundation for their growth. Airfocus performs well in ESG considerations, demonstrating a strong commitment to fostering inclusivity and ensuring work-life balance for their remote workforce. We are thrilled to support their vision as they continue to enhance the digital capabilities of enterprises.

Leopold Lindner

Email: leopold@newion.com


Location: Hamburg, Germany

CEO: Malte Scholz

Website: airfocus.com

Press Release: Series A Investment

Newion IV is supported by the European Union through the InvestEU fund.

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