John Sjölander

Managing Partner


After working for four years as a Venture Capitalist in Stockholm, John joined Newion in 2019. He entered the Venture Capital industry after gaining experience in various management positions at different Nordic B2B SaaS startups. As a partner of Newion, his key focus is covering the Nordics investments for Newion.

Portfolio of John Sjölander



Founded 2016 in Copenhagen, Passendo has set out to commercialising newsletter inventory. Their state of the art email ad server and SSP provides value for publishers and advertisers worldwide, with over 4,000 premium publishing house…

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Mediatool is a professional media planning collaboration software for marketeers and agencies. Marketeers and agencies use it to get a great overview of all their marketing activities, campaign plans and yearly summaries in one place.…

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Occtoo is an Experience Data Platform that helps digital teams create relevant customer experiences with speed. Occtoos API technology is the missing piece in a modern composable stack by easily connecting all data, content and…

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