Roadmap is a fully customizable traveler-centric corporate travel SaaS platform. 

A business trip can present all kinds of hassles and logistical challenges. Business travelers want to focus on their work, but all too often they are distracted by factors such as flight changes, airport navigation difficulties, the need to arrange hotel transfers, safety information and expense claim formalities. This affects their engagement and productivity and also contributes to compliance risk. Corporate travel managers also need a solution that provides an overview of the situation, so they can look beyond transactional data and see personal information, destinations and supplier quality. 

Roadmap integrates major suppliers on a single platform to maximize value, reduce costs and minimize the manual steps in organizing a business trip. Corporate travel managers can customize travel policies. Suppliers can share benefits, discounts and partner deals within the company’s guidelines. And business travelers enjoy a personalized experience, powered by a digital pocket travel assistant.

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