CustomerGauge is a Voice-of-the-Customer/Voice-of-the-Employee solution that uses Net Promoter Score methodology. On the customer side, it focuses on B2B customer experience and increasing retention. On the employee side, it provides engagement analytics and reduces attrition.

B2B customer experience has been left behind in a marketplace built for B2C. Companies want to be able to see the opportunities in high-touch enterprise accounts. Failure to recognize the link between revenue and customer engagement makes it difficult for them to understand the impact of customer experience, how to prioritize their efforts and what actions to take for profitable account management.

The CustomerGauge platform is optimized for B2B accounts, with features such as account ranking, account drilldowns, activity tracking and much more. It marries multiple data streams with the cutting-edge intelligence of text, sentiment and revenue analysis to retain and grow B2B customers. 

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