APICBASE NV is a food-management platform provider. It enables food service businesses to manage their kitchen operations more efficiently.

This market faces a variety of problems associated with food & beverage management: cost and waste control, risk and compliance, staff turnover and high personnel costs, and scaling consistently. 

APICBASE’s mission is to help food-service companies turn passion and creativity into perfection and profitability. Its platform helps to gain a better insight into costs and so improve margins (inventory management/waste reduction), to minimize risks and comply with local laws and quality control requirements (allergens and nutrition), to increase efficiency and reduce staff spend (kitchen, efficient onboarding), and to scale consistently at multiple outlets (training, uniform dishes, menu management). APICBASE starts from the beginning: the “recipes”. From a simple recipe input, the software calculates everything else for the customer (quantities of ingredients, a bill of material, meal preparation instructions). The platform has a central library for recipes (PIM/DAM) and can handle stock over multiple outlets (multi-outlet inventory management).

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