News on investments – December 2022

Published on January 12, 2023

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We hope you all had a great end-of-year period. We certainly enjoyed the Christmas break after a busy fourth quarter. Where we put extensive efforts into the mise-en-place for Newion 4, we could finally execute on these preparations in Q4, resulting in 3 initial investments: Yourcampus, Viktor, and Occtoo. All three companies are unique and different in flavor but united by the same sauce: Entrepreunial teams that are challenging the status quo through a superior product and strategy. In this newsletter, you can find the respective investment theses.

re:cap, a provider of recurring revenue financing explains to us in an article the different forms of non-dilutive funding and how they might help B2B SaaS companies on their trajectory to market leadership.

In the fourth quarter, we waved goodbye to Jingyi Wang – who headed to the VC firm Airbridge -, and Jan Boelen who headed to the Newion Portfolio company Legionella Dossier. Jingyi and Jan will remain within the Newion family.

You can read the Full Newion News 4Q22 document through the following link or scroll down to read a summary of the most important topics.

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💼 Our new Investments in 4Q22

Yourcampus: Employee compensation management

AMSTERDAM – YourCampus. Foto: Diederik van der Laan / Dutch Photo Agency

In October, we invested in Yourcampus. We were part of the EUR 2.7M seed round, together with ROM InWest and Dutch Founders Fund. The Amsterdam-based company offers flexible compensation management for all employees and employers. Read here the press release and here you can find our investment thesis, brought to you by Armand.

Viktor: Automate the Boring, Engineer the Awesome!


Viktor was our second investment in October. Alongside APG and Innovation Quarter we invested in their series A round. The company is based in Rotterdam and offers engineers the tools to create apps of their python scripts and share them in an easy and secure way with colleagues, stopping the era of version-controlling Excel calculation sheets. Read here the press release and here you can find our investment thesis, brought to you by Dorus.

Occtoo: Augmenting digital experiences on existing data infrastructure

Founding Team Occtoo

In November we invested in Occtoo, the Swedish company pioneering in the DXC category. DXC stands for Digital Experience Composition and enables companies to leverage their existing data, often enclosed in different platforms. Data can be combined in real-time and used to offer personalized experiences to web visitors. Read here the press release and here you can find our investment thesis, brought to you by Tea.

🤓 Everything on Recurring Revenue Based Financing

Insights on the financing stack, by re:cap

For this quarter’s B2B SaaS knowledge-sharing piece, Christian Luecke from re:cap has written about the different forms of revenue-based financing, how they might fit with the needs of SaaS businesses, and how the non-dilutive financing flavors differ from each other. Click here to read their insights into the financing stack.

🔍 Newion in 2022: our investment overview.

To conclude 2022, we have created an overview of the investments and divestments we did in 2022. For every company, we have added the respective press release and our investment thesis. Click here to read the overview.

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