Newion is committed to equal opportunities for female founders

Published on July 10, 2019

Under the name #FundRight, Newion, together with 24 other progressive venture capital investors (VC’s) and TechLeap.NL, is taking a joint initiative that should lead to a more diverse startup ecosystem. We call on other VC’s to commit themselves to this goal by signing the diversity statement.

Newion is concerned about the male dominance in the tech sector and about the fact that currently only 1.6 % of all Dutch venture capital is invested in women-led start-ups and only 6,8% in mixed teams. This is despite the fact that research shows that various teams have a positive impact on performance. Moreover, investing in diversity is the only right way forward in the 21st century!

At the same time, we also recognize that we as VC’s hold the key to success to closing the gap between the amount of growth capital raised by the male and female founders of Dutch startups. As VC’s, we also have a duty and responsibility to invest more in female founders. 

That is why Newion, together with the other progressive VC’s, is committed to the following actions: 

– Within 3 years after this statement, we as Newion, as well as within the management teams of our current and future portfolio companies, want to have a staff of 35% women.
– A significant percentage of the companies in which we (co)invest, must be (co)founded by a woman.
– We will be working on an annual report with the most important statistics on the gender diversity of Dutch venture capital investors and their portfolio companies. This report is made by TechLeap.NL.
– We actively disseminate our statement, share our experiences and approaches with each other, with the ultimate goal of having 100% of all Dutch venture capital investors subscribed by 2022.

With these actions, we take a stand with regard to #FundRight and invite other parties to endorse the statement as well. Together we can make a difference in achieving a diverse startup ecosystem!

For more information about the initiative, the statement, the affiliated VC’s and the female founders involved:

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