Investors invest 4 million in legionella scale-up

Published on October 21, 2022

Utrecht, October 21th, 2022 – Investors Newion, Volta and Concrete will together with an existing investor invest 4 million in scale-up LegionellaDossier. The software company, which was founded in 2016 and has since doubled in size a few times over, eases legionella prevention and control in buildings. LegionellaDossier’s main mission is to guarantee safe drinking water. The three investors believe the company fulfills an important social responsibility and will be able to grow and reach new markets.

LegionellaDossier started as a graduation project. Gert Oussoren, the founder of the company, developed a way to automate temperature measurements while completing his Engineering degree. He soon realised that this technique could be used to ease legionella prevention: a complex process for which no automated solution existed yet. This was the start of LegionellaDossier. The company has been active in the Netherlands since 2016 and also launched in the UK last year.      

The company, based in Utrecht, was the first one in the Netherlands to develop specialised apps to perform legionella prevention in buildings. Facility managers are responsible for a number of prevention tasks that need to be carried out with varying frequencies. That leads to a lot of admin tasks and paperwork, which is eliminated with the LegionellaDossier apps. 

The investment means the chance to take new opportunities: LegionellaDossier will be able to focus on upscaling its services and expand to more countries. They will be able to attract new talent to improve the customer experience and increase the commercial organisation. 

Making an Impact

‘It’s amazing that we found three new investors to support us in our mission to keep buildings worldwide safe and compliant,’ says CEO and founder of LegionellaDossier Gert Oussoren.  

‘The Netherlands is one of the frontrunners when it comes to legionella control,’ Mathijs de Wit, partner at Newion, explains. ‘Because of European legislation around legionella, we see a lot of opportunity to expand. LegionellaDossier is already the market leader in the Netherlands and as such is in a great position to do so. The distribution model of the apps is interesting as well: both legionella consultants and facility managers are supported by the software.’

The other parties look forward to working together as well: Volta is experienced in guiding growing companies through their scale-up phase. Concrete has a large network and extensive knowledge of property technology and will support LegionellaDossier to further optimise its software. ‘We are very happy with our investment and are looking forward to helping LegionellaDossier grow,’ says Arnaud vanderWyck from Concrete.   

Safe water everywhere

‘I’m very proud of everything we have already achieved and look forward to the great things we’ll be able to do together,’ says Gert Oussoren. The investment is an important step forward for LegionellaDossier. The partnership with Newion, Volta, and Concrete in addition to the existing investor means the company will be able to offer even smoother legionella control to more customers worldwide. LegionellaDossier will be closer to its mission of guaranteeing safe water everywhere with this investment.

Newion IV is supported by the European Union through the InvestEU fund.

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