Erik Aeyelts Averink | May 16th 1967 –  July 3rd 2023

Venture Partner


Erik Aeyelts Averink May 16th 1967 –  July 3rd 2023

Erik joined Newion in 2011 as a Partner with the start of the Newion II fund. With the beginning of the Newion III fund, his role changed to Venture Partner: still working on the Newion II portfolio and helping Newion on all kinds of other topics, mostly centered around strategy.

Erik has been a venture capitalist since 1993. Before Newion, Erik was a partner at Gilde CTE and was at SDL Tridion responsible for Corporate Development and Products & Solutions. 

The loss of Erik is felt daily: his wisdom, knowledge, and experience, but also his sense of humor and kindness: a true gentleman and an inspiration. We’ve lost a pillar and a friend.

Portfolio of Erik Aeyelts Averink | May 16th 1967 –  July 3rd 2023



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