Denisa Koci



Denisa joined Newion in 2022. Her area of expertise is market and competitive analysis. 

Prior to Newion, Denisa worked in the sales department of IBM as an account manager after which she pursued her master’s studies in Financial Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. During her studies, she gained additional knowledge in technology and start-ups through internships in corporate venture capital and growth equity.

Portfolio of Denisa Koci



Salonkee is the all-in-one solution for online booking tool and management software for hairdresser-, beauty- and wellness salons. Founded in 2018 in Luxembourg it now has a strong presence in Belgium, Switzerland & Germany.

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With the power of AI, delphai revolutionizes big data and ingests millions of websites, press releases, job postings, and more every week to create a single source of business truth: A near real-time, highly accurate…

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Dexter Energy

Dexter offers services to energy retailers and large-scale energy consumers to reduce power imbalance. The services consist of forecasting energy loads on asset-level or cluster-level as well as forecasting of short-term electricity prices.

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